Monday, August 2, 2010


Spike TV, that testosterone-soaked network for guys that brings us shows full of grit, anger and sweat, has a new one, that may, for a change, have some redeeming social value. Scrappers (tagline -- "Grab Life by the Junk"), which premiers Tuesday, August 2nd at 10PM EST, is a sort-of-documentary about three competing scrap crews who work the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY -- Frankie and his boys, Sal and his crew, and Dino & Minnio.

The show follows them around the streets as they look to haul away scrap metal and take it to scrap yards in order to earn a decent day's wage. This is not a Sotheby's art auction folks! This is an engaging, gritty portrait of the bottom of the reconomy, where you're more likely to get tetanus than you are a piece of modern art. What it also shows, though, is how the 3 R's of the reconomy -- recycling, repurposing and reselling are entering the mainstream of the public imagination.

You may not want to be a scrapper yourself, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn a few tricks from them, and have a few laughs with them, as you watch this compelling new series. Check it out in advance at:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sell What You Love ....

and the money will follow. That's really the only business model that makes any sense. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life selling anything less than what you love?

I love books. I love buying them, reading them, writing them, sharing them, and, of course, selling them. It says it right there on my business card "David Eastman, Book Lover." Why would I sell cheap crap from China, if i can sell books? Why would I even sell cool, stuff like Harleys, Apple Computers, or antique furniture, if I can appreciate those items but don't really love them?

Way back in the 80's Marcia Sinetar wrote a book entitled Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow. Most people were more interested in how soon the money would follow than in doing what they loved. Pity. Because no matter how long it takes for the bucks to catch up with you, if you're doing what you love, you're living a damn good life!

So, if you have a resale business, or are thinking of starting one, the first question you need to ask yourself is "What do I love?" Your answer to that question is the touchstone that will guide the growth and development of your business for years to come.

But what if you love more than one thing? Fine, but it's easier to start with one type or category of merchandise. It simplifies things. Sure, I sell CD's DVD's and even some old school VHS tapes as well as books, but books are my mainstay, the heart & soul of my business. If you start by selling one type merchandise, natural product extensions may evolve, but make sure that they, too, pass the love test.

It takes only about 2.3 seconds of reflection, to realize that you spend more of your life working than doing anything else. The quality of your life is based upon the quality of your work life, so why not make your work fun? I hope that that one of your primary goals in starting your own resale business was to quit being a wage slave and have more fun!

And fun grows from love. Whatever you choose to sell -- love it, enjoy it, sell it, and profit. Make your business your playground, as well as your source of income. Sell what you love and not only will the money follow, success, on all levels, will find you, too.